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 Zhongtong Cable is located in Lin'an, the capital of Zhejiang Province, and is adjacent to Hangzhou in the southeast. The traffic is convenient, is a professional production of wire and cable, set scientific and technological research, new product development, manufacturing and marketing, export as one of the companies. We produce all kinds of RF cables, shielded wires and cables, audio and video cables, PVC insulated wires, digital communication network category 5 cables, super category 5 cables and so on. According to the international development trend of wire and cable, for the market economic construction needs, in line with the principle of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection through close cooperation with authoritative research institutions, leading technology, excellent quality, perfect management and first-class service and rich experience and advantages in the product process, follow the international trend direction. At present, relying on our continuous improvement and innovation, the company has been developing rapidly with strong momentum. We firmly believe that innovation is the life source of a brand, customers are our parents, and the market is the basis of our survival and development. Only by seeing the gap from the achievement and grasping the future from the reality, the enterprise will have hope. We always aim at the international advanced level, expand our advantages, create characteristics, and constantly surpass ourselves in the pursuit of excellence!
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